Goals, Priorities & Challenges

The vision of SEESARI is to be an important player in development or railway system in South East Europe. The main goal of the initiative is clustering of interested stakeholders and further identifying and launching the innovative solutions and projects that would support the development of railways in South East Europe and support its contribution to the wider European railway system.

The important challenge is also bringing new innovative ideas and soluitions into reality and to fund the necessary financial support.

The main stakeholders will be railway companies, railway and transport associations, universities, institutes, financial institutions and other interested organizations.

The main SEESARI priorities:

  1. Development of the high speed rail network South East Europe
  2. Ticketing: developing of a single platform and Integration of IT in passenger transport
  3. Development of a regional railway network
  4. Joint procurement of railway rolling stock
  5. Interoperability and Unifications of Technical standards
  6. Social component (human resources, staff reorganization)
  7. Freight transport development and intermodality

Become a member of SEESARI Aliance

We welcome transport operators, infrastructure managers, manufacturers and suppliers of technical equipment, financial institutions, research institutions, associations and interest groups connected with (rail) transport, national and regional authorities, NGOs and other institutions and administrations from a wide range of interested stakeholders.